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Motion Control Running Shoes brings the best information you can find in the internet regarding motion control running shoes. We strive to recommend products to all runners who require this type of shoes. Have fun browsing the site and always take care of your feet.

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You’ve stumbled in here because you tried to find information on motion control running shoes. Congratulations in finding this site. We aim to bring you the best information on this type of shoes. Below is a quick look on the top motion control running shoes available.

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Quick Recommendations on the Top Motion Control Running Shoes

motion control running shoes - Brooks Beast

Brooks Beast

The Top Selling Motion Control Running Shoes for years in a row. The Brooks Beast is perfect for those who  require extreme motion control for their excessive overpronating gait. This is a heavy shoe that will fully support a heavier runner.

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motion control running shoes - Brooks Addiction 8

Brooks Addiction

Another Brooks Top Seller. The Addiction offers support for the heavier runners like the Beast. But it comes  with a flexible forefoot for those wanting more flexbility. Its a bit cheaper than the Brooks Beast and a big lighter too.

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motion control running shoes - Adidas Supernova Control 10

Adidas Supernova Control 10

Priced much more aggressively than the two shoes above the Control 10 provides good value for those looking  for a comfortable pair of motion control running shoes. It has a narrower fit and is generally regarded as very comfortable to run on.

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Do You Need Motion Control Running Shoes?

Before you find the best deals on motion control running shoes you need to know if you need one. The fastest way to find out if you need them is to look at your feet. If you are absolutely sure that you have flat feet then go for it. You more than likely need them. Make sure to check our recommended shoes section or the quickest way to find the perfect flat feet shoes.

If you are not sure if you have flat feet then take your foot and dip it in water. Then step on any surface that will leave an impression of your foot. A piece of paper that will fit your foot print would be a simple and easy tool to use. If your foot leaves an impression like the image below you are flat footed.

Flat Foot Print

Flat Foot Print

A more comprehensive way is to have your running gait analyzed. Your local running store might be able to do that for you. If not then you can always look at a pair of old running shoes. The simplest way is to look at them from the rear while being placed on top of a table. If they tend to tilt inwards then it means that the soles are more worn out on the inner (towards the center in between your legs) region. This is usually the best indicator that you need motion control running shoes. If your running shoes tilt outwards you may need cushion running shoes.

Why Do I Need Motion Control Running Shoes?

Using the right pair of running shoes is essential to avoid injury. Running can be very damaging for your foot, leg and hip structure. This damage can be greatly exaggerated when using the wrong type of shoes for a long time. Injuries include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and even lower back pains.

To save yourself from a lifetime of injury and pain make sure you get the best motion control shoes for your flat foot. Knowing your foot type is so easy even without proper gait analysis (if you do not have a local facility that can do it for you).